Godolphin House

Godolphin House in Black and White

On a recent visit to the National Trust’s Godolphin House in Cornwall the weather was very grey, there were lots of other people around and I had 2 kids under the age of 7 in my sole charge – ideal for taking photos then! I decided to try and pick out some nice details from this lovely old house and as the weather was so poor I thought I’d do them in black and white.

Godolphin House entrance porch

This is the main entrance to the house with its row of granite columns

Godolphin House courtyard

View from the cellars to the courtyard and residential wing

Godolphin House cellars

Although this has the look and feel of a cellar it actually is on ground level

Godolphin House window

Window detail

Godolphin House garden

This was taken in the King’s Garden, a walled garden to the rear of the house

Godolphin House wall

One of the granite walls of the King’s Garden

Godolphin House cottage

Stairs running up the side of one of the estates farm buildings

Godolphin House isn’t like the other big estates in Cornwall. It has an older much more informal feel about it. Hopefully these photos have conveyed a little of that.


2 thoughts on “Godolphin House in Black and White

  1. Sylvia

    Beautiful set of photos. I think that black and white picks out the detail much more effectively than colour, and certainly adds to the “feel” of the house.

    1. Cornwall Guide Post author

      Thanks Sylvia. I was delighted to come home with anything usable given the dull, dull light and trying not to ignore the kids!
      The fact that these came out OK has inspired me to explore black and white a bit more and when it works


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