Boscastle Harbour


On my third (possibly fourth) visit to Boscastle I have finally taken a photo I am happy with. Obviously there is room for improvement and I’m not going to look on Flickr or wherever to find someone has done the same but infinitely better. But anyway, given the amazing natural view before me it would have been hard not to have got something remotely pleasing.

Getting a shot like this is either down to planning or luck – I prefer to use both. Whilst Boscastle Harbour is a pretty amazing place any time you really need the tide to be in and the sun to be behind you to see it at its best.

This shot was taken (I think) with a polarizing filter but pretty much untouched beyond that. The sea really is that colour.

After this photo I made my way around towards the tip of the headland you can see (Penally Point) before deciding I didn’t really like heights even if the view is great.

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