Roche Rock Chapel

Roche Rock

This photo shows the rather dramatic remains of the 15th century Chapel of St Michael on Roche Rock in Mid Cornwall.

The surrounds are about as mundane as you could imagine. There is a new housing estate a couple of hundred metres one way and a school field the other way. Then suddenly, from nowhere up just this massive rocky outcrop with a chapel built into the side!

The site is steeped in myth and legend, without doubt many will say it is haunted too. Best known of these legends is from the story of Jan Tregeagle. This is where he sought sanctuary from the demons that were hunting him down for his wicked ways. The story goes that Tregeagle got his head stuck in one of the windows here during his ordeal!


1 thought on “Roche Rock

  1. Juliet Treharne

    When I took my daughter to visit Roche Rock about 18 years ago when she was 10 she was completely captivated by the eerie atomosphere!!No housing estates then it was very still and quiet you could imagine ghosts gliding throught he ruins!!Fascinating place I love it.


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