porthleven big surf

Surf power

This is one from a while back. Taken at (or near) Cornwall’s best known reef-break, Porthleven. It was pretty big that day, but it’s as much about the power as the size of the wave – check out the mountain of white water exploding behind. This is local legend Daniel ‘Mole’ Joel looking fairly comfortable at the bottom of this beast. A few seconds later he pulled into the tube (if that makes sense to anyone?!)

I think the levels on this photo are a little too blue but I’m too lazy to dig out the original file and try and do a better job. Hopefully the epic wave will distract from the second rate editing…

Penzance lighthouse and St Michael's Mount

A bit of plagiarism…

This is the view out over Penzance’s outer harbour, past the lighthouse and on to St Michael’s Mount in the distance. It was taken with my 400mm lens which has the effect of making everything seem a little closer together. The Mount is in fact about 3 miles beyond the end of the pier.

Whilst I’ll happily take the credit for the execution of this photo I’ll also happily confess to ‘borrowing’ the idea from fellow photographer Mike Newman, whose shot was used on the cover of Cornwall Today. I like to think using another photographer’s ideas is a long way removed from using another photographer’s photos – it is in the eyes of the law I suppose. I took the photo as I really liked the original, I suppose this is the same motivation that has driven people to copy artworks throughout history. That and I just like taking photos…

Tregardock Beach

Tregardock Beach

This is Tregardock beach in North Cornwall. It is at the end of a 20 minute walk from a very limited number of parking spaces, hence it is often empty. This particular day I had the place to myself for around 10 minutes before a couple came down and had a wander around. After my initial reaction of “how very dare they?!”, I was quite glad of the company. In the end they were quite useful, appearing in this photo and giving a sense of scale. I also think that one person emphasises the quietness of the place more than no people would have doe (although I could be wrong on that one!).

I took this photo on my little Canon G15 which is proving invaluable. I have a few similar shots taken on my SLR but this was the best of the bunch.

Roche Rock Chapel

Roche Rock

This photo shows the rather dramatic remains of the 15th century Chapel of St Michael on Roche Rock in Mid Cornwall.

The surrounds are about as mundane as you could imagine. There is a new housing estate a couple of hundred metres one way and a school field the other way. Then suddenly, from nowhere up just this massive rocky outcrop with a chapel built into the side!

The site is steeped in myth and legend, without doubt many will say it is haunted too. Best known of these legends is from the story of Jan Tregeagle. This is where he sought sanctuary from the demons that were hunting him down for his wicked ways. The story goes that Tregeagle got his head stuck in one of the windows here during his ordeal!

Boscastle Harbour


On my third (possibly fourth) visit to Boscastle I have finally taken a photo I am happy with. Obviously there is room for improvement and I’m not going to look on Flickr or wherever to find someone has done the same but infinitely better. But anyway, given the amazing natural view before me it would have been hard not to have got something remotely pleasing.

Getting a shot like this is either down to planning or luck – I prefer to use both. Whilst Boscastle Harbour is a pretty amazing place any time you really need the tide to be in and the sun to be behind you to see it at its best.

This shot was taken (I think) with a polarizing filter but pretty much untouched beyond that. The sea really is that colour.

After this photo I made my way around towards the tip of the headland you can see (Penally Point) before deciding I didn’t really like heights even if the view is great.

Trebarwith Strand surfers

Trebarwith Strand Surfers

Been a while since the last photo I posted. The good news is it isn’t because I’ve run out but because I’ve just spent 2 days in North Cornwall snapping away.

I decided to post this shot, partly because I’m going through the photos in order and this is how far I got, and partly because this is my favourite shooting style at the moment. Beaches and a 15mm fisheye lens. It seems to work here where as it wouldn’t in many places, for example cities, woodlands or anything with well defined shapes to the peripheries – they would just come out distorted. Obviously there are exceptions and it can work as a great effect.

Anyway, back to the beach photos. Yes, its another beach photo. I’m afraid living somewhere surrounded by beaches I end up taking more than my fair share! This is Trebarwith Strand in North Cornwall. It’s a very popular spot, particularly with dog walkers and surfers. I had just taken a shot without the surfers in when they marched past in single file, couldn’t believe my luck. Another of those photos that would have been just another photo without a random subject appearing.

As a footnote, these are stand up paddle boarders (SUPs), not strictly speaking surfers. It seems to be a bit of a trend sweeping the surfing world at the moment. Sort of a cross between canoeing and surfing. Not quite sure what the point is but each to his / her own!

Sennen Beach

Whitesands Beach – Sennen Cove

The beach at Sennen Cove is one of my nearest and dearest. I spent a fair few summers hanging out here. As you can see it’s quite a big beach, although this is low tide and it does shrink back at high. It’s also a beach of moods, in the summer it’s often calm like here but with Land’s End just over the headland it faces into the full force of the Atlantic. I’ve seen a couple of storms here with spray from the waves going over the top of that headland (Pedn-men-du).

I don’t remember exactly when I took this photo but I’m guessing from the fact that there are a few people in the water, it isn’t that busy on the beach and I don’t get up that early that it must be around late May / early June – my favourite time of year.