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Bude Breakwater

Bude Breakwater

This photo was taken at the end of a day racing around North Cornwall, camera in hand. I don’t think when I took it I was thinking it would be black and white but as soon as I looked at it in Photoshop it shouted black and white. I suppose it is the strong contrast and shapes that do it, can’t say that’s what I was looking for when I pressed the button.

It’s one of those photos where you don’t try to get the people to be where they are, but in retrospect, without them it wouldn’t have the same qualities. I know nothing about the two people here, but somehow they turn the picture into more of a story.

Godolphin House

Godolphin House in Black and White

On a recent visit to the National Trust’s Godolphin House in Cornwall the weather was very grey, there were lots of other people around and I had 2 kids under the age of 7 in my sole charge – ideal for taking photos then! I decided to try and pick out some nice details from this lovely old house and as the weather was so poor I thought I’d do them in black and white.

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Pendeen Stormy Seas

Stormy Seas off Pendeen

Thought I’d stick with my winter theme and post a photo from the wild and rugged coast of West Cornwall. There was a fair sea running this way, but it gets an awful lot rougher than this. It was taken from the cliffs by Pendeen Watch lighthouse. Looking down at this boiling mess and uninviting rocks you can only imagine how grateful sailors must have been for the warning light alerting them to their position. The next lighthouse along would be St Ives harbour, which would be a relief on a stormy winter night.

In the distance you can make out the chimneys of the engine houses that pumped water out of the mines below. Hard to believe but this was once one of the most industrialised parts of the country. Even harder to believe is men once went not only under the ground but then out under the seabed. This thought almost keeps me awake at night – certainly makes me appreciate how lucky most of us are now.

Gwenver and Sennen beaches

Cornish Summer in Black and White

This shot is the view from the top of the cliff between Sennen beach and neighbouring Gwenver beach. It is actually part of a 360 degree panoramic shot but it has been cropped a little. It was taken on a summer’s afternoon when we went to have a look at the surf, I can’t remember if I went in or not.

And for those who prefer technicolor,,,Gwenver / Sennen beach