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Bodyboarder at Porthleven

Bodyboarding at Porthleven

The wave at Porthleven is considered to be Cornwall’s best reef break, or at least the most popular. Located on the South Cornish coast at the base of the Lizard peninsula the waves here can get huge. In this photo a bodyboarder is positioned under the lip of the wave, or in the barrel to use the correct terminology.

Porthleven is a fairly hazardous place to surf. If you look closely to the front and right of the bodyboarder you can make out where the water is pulling off the rocks making it less than a foot deep in places. Everyone who surfs here gets bounced off the rocks at some point – most get away quite lightly though.

The surf break here isn’t natural. It is the result of blasting to enlarge the harbour mouth back in the days when this was a busy port. It is surprising how close the fishing boats sail to the waves when leaving and entering the harbour.