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West Cornwall Moors

Carn Kenidjack – West Cornwall Moors

When people think of moorland they often assume it is bland, desolate and featureless. I disagree. There are plenty of features on the West Cornwall moors, let alone the stunning range of colours that come with summer.

This is one of my favourite spots in this area, Carn Kenidjack. It is a weird, naturally formed stack of rocks jutting out of the moorland between Penzance and St Just.¬†Apparently¬†it isn’t just me who’s taken an interest in this spot over the years; there are several megalithic sites around here and lots of local legends surrounding the rock.

This photo was taken on the sort of summer day that I think of when I think summer – strange, because they are pretty few and far between. It was also one of my first shots with a polarising filter. Here it really makes those clouds stand out.