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Housel Bay - The Lizard

Housel Bay

This is Housel Bay, just around the corner from Lizard Point in the far south west of Cornwall. The far south west of mainland Britain actually. The Lizard Point is the southern tip of the British mainland so off the top of my head I’d guess Housel Bay is the most southerly beach in mainland Britain. It is also one of the prettiest with crystal clear azure waters and fine white sand. That water colour seems to be a feature of the Lizard Peninsula as do the eccentric rock formations. I’m no geologist but there is plenty written about the rocks on this stretch of coast.

This photos was a couple of summers ago – we didn’t have a summer last year. It was on the one day we get every summer where the sky is brilliant blue and there isn’t a breath of wind. Few and far between but those are the one’s I try to remember.

Cot Valley - St Just

Cot Valley, Slow Water

Cot Valley cove, Porth Nanven or Dinosaur Egg beach, call it what you will, here it is at the end of a short winter’s day. Situated less than a mile away from the old mining town of St Just and a couple of miles up the coast from Land’s End this is West Cornwall at its most rugged.

I took this photo quite a few years back and it was one of my favourites at the time. I think I was experimenting with grad filters and was happy to lug a tripod around (how things have changed!). I think if I’d taken it now I’d probably have tweaked it a bit more in Photoshop, but I was more restrained in those days.

I’ve always been a sucker for the “slow water” effect you get on long exposures and I’m particularly happy with the way the stream has turned white here giving it a ghostly, ethereal feel.

Cornish Riviera

The Cornish Riviera

For those of you who have ever wondered why on earth anyone would call St Austell Bay the Cornish Riviera, hopefully this photo will answer your question. It was taken just around the corner from the attractively named Black Head looking across St Austell Bay. Now, I expect the reason many of you are so cynical of the tag Cornish Riviera is because it doesn’t often look quite like this. The day I was out on the coast path had to be the best day of the summer and provided me with some great photos.

I’m not sure if this little cove has a name, or even if it can be reached without the aid of a mountain goat, but on this day it was like a little slice of the Adriatic in Cornwall.