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Sennen harbour boats

Sennen Harbour

Evening in the small harbour at Sennen Cove in the far, far west of Cornwall. Around the corner is Land’s End and the next stop is the USA.

Whilst Sennen is best known for its mile or so of beautiful beach which has been a magnet for surfers over the last 4 decades, the cove’s history is one of fishing and smuggling. It takes a fairly brave soul to work the seas around the coast here and just behind the harbour is the RNLI lifeboat house crewed by some of the bravest of the brave. The coast around here is notorious for shipwrecks and these guys are in the frontline when it comes to saving lives.

The boat numbers are an interesting mix of PZ (Penzance) and SS (St Ives). I suppose if you follow the coast around Sennen is about half way between the two towns.

Padstow harbour

Padstow Harbour, again…

I don’t get up to Padstow that often as it’s a bit of a drive and in summer it is pretty much off limits. That said it is a pretty little town on the right day, however, I’ve never really been able to get a good photo of the harbour. This is one of my better efforts but it still just seems to be lacking something, maybe the light is just to a bit too harsh and the reflections a bit too ruffled. Or just as likely maybe I didn’t get up early enough!

Still, it’s not a bad shot. The wonderful old buildings that line the quayside help out with that.

Pdastow has undergone a bit of a transformation over the past 15 to 20 years. I don’t know whether it has all been down to Rick Stein and his little empire, probably. Before it became Padstein,  Padstow was just another sleepy harbour town with a steady stream of visitors from nearby Newquay over the summer months. Not really a holiday destination in its own right
Well, all that’s changed and now there is more ‘luxury’ accommodation than one can shake a stick at. Being a bit of a misanthropic Luddite I tend to prefer things the way they were, but then again I can’t remember that far back!