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Penzance lighthouse and St Michael's Mount

A bit of plagiarism…

This is the view out over Penzance’s outer harbour, past the lighthouse and on to St Michael’s Mount in the distance. It was taken with my 400mm lens which has the effect of making everything seem a little closer together. The Mount is in fact about 3 miles beyond the end of the pier.

Whilst I’ll happily take the credit for the execution of this photo I’ll also happily confess to ‘borrowing’ the idea from fellow photographer Mike Newman, whose shot was used on the cover of Cornwall Today. I like to think using another photographer’s ideas is a long way removed from using another photographer’s photos – it is in the eyes of the law I suppose. I took the photo as I really liked the original, I suppose this is the same motivation that has driven people to copy artworks throughout history. That and I just like taking photos…

Godrevey Lighthouse from St Ives

Lighthouse across the Bay

Looking across St Ives Bay from the far end of Porthmeor beach to Godrevey Lighthouse some 5 miles away. The lighthouse on the island has some literary claim in that it is the lighthouse in Virginia Woolf’s ‘To the Lighthouse’.

This shot reminds me of the story of the St Ives lifeboat disaster back in the 1930s. The lifeboat was launched at night in seas heavier than this in the winter to aid a vessel some way up the coast. It got into trouble just around the corner from here and  was capsized several times, each time losing more and more crew. The lifeboat was eventually found near the headland by the lighthouse, all on board were lost. The crew new the odds as they had lost a boat a year or 2 before. Quite staggering bravery.