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Housel Bay - The Lizard

Housel Bay

This is Housel Bay, just around the corner from Lizard Point in the far south west of Cornwall. The far south west of mainland Britain actually. The Lizard Point is the southern tip of the British mainland so off the top of my head I’d guess Housel Bay is the most southerly beach in mainland Britain. It is also one of the prettiest with crystal clear azure waters and fine white sand. That water colour seems to be a feature of the Lizard Peninsula as do the eccentric rock formations. I’m no geologist but there is plenty written about the rocks on this stretch of coast.

This photos was a couple of summers ago – we didn’t have a summer last year. It was on the one day we get every summer where the sky is brilliant blue and there isn’t a breath of wind. Few and far between but those are the one’s I try to remember.

Cadgwith cottages

Cadgwith – an Archetypal Cornish Fishing Village

Located on the more sheltered eastern side of the Lizard Peninsula is the picture postcard Cornish fishing village of Cadgwith. The village is centred around the small cove where the shingle beach doubles as the harbour. Although fishing has declined from being the sole activity in the village it still plays an important part in local life. Now-a-days the small fleet is more oriented towards crab and lobster than the pilchard that were landed in their millions during the villages heyday.

Tourism is now the villages bread and butter with many of the villages idyllic cottages let out as self catering holiday accommodation. It does get busy here in the summer but fortunately it is just far enough off the beaten track to not be a victim of its own qualities.

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is there are more thatched cottages on the eastern side of the Lizard and Helford area. I’ve always attributed this to the abundance of thatching materials from the abundant woodland combined with the distance from areas of natural slate production on the North Coast. I could of course, as I often am, be completely wrong!