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Men-an-Tol translates rather unimaginatively as holed stone. There is no doubt that it is a stone and that it does have a hole in it. What is in doubt is the arrangement of the three stones. It is believed, by experts, that this is not the original arrangement which is unfortunate as I think it looks pretty good the way it is!

As you’d expect there are a few myths and legends attached to this place. I particularly like the healing properties attributed to the stones. The one I remember is crawling through the hole is an effective cure for ‘scroffulous taint’! I’m imagining the reason I have never heard of this ailment is because it has been all but eradicated by the restorative powers of Men-an-Tol!

I like this photo largely because of the sky the aircraft con trail is going just the right direction. It appears lots of other people do too, hence the watermark. This shot crops up in lots of places it isn’t supposed too.

The stone is located on the West Cornwall Moors just above Madron, near Penzance and I would highly recommend crawling through the hole.