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Penzance lighthouse and St Michael's Mount

A bit of plagiarism…

This is the view out over Penzance’s outer harbour, past the lighthouse and on to St Michael’s Mount in the distance. It was taken with my 400mm lens which has the effect of making everything seem a little closer together. The Mount is in fact about 3 miles beyond the end of the pier.

Whilst I’ll happily take the credit for the execution of this photo I’ll also happily confess to ‘borrowing’ the idea from fellow photographer Mike Newman, whose shot was used on the cover of Cornwall Today. I like to think using another photographer’s ideas is a long way removed from using another photographer’s photos – it is in the eyes of the law I suppose. I took the photo as I really liked the original, I suppose this is the same motivation that has driven people to copy artworks throughout history. That and I just like taking photos…

Exchange Gallery Penzance

The Real Penzance Christmas Lights

This isn’t one of my photos, my father-in-law, Mick took it. It was languishing on Flickr with about 3 views but I thought it deserved a little better than that.

It’s the Exchange Gallery in Penzance. Located on the ground floor of the old BT telephone exchange the main feature is this huge undulating window containing arrays of coloured LED lights which change with changes in pressure. Quite a feat of engineering taking out the external wall I’d imagine but the effect is definitely worth it.
Here we have the display in purple mode around Christmas time – you can see the Christmas tree inside. So whilst the main Penzance Christmas lights may be a little less than inspiring the Exchange puts on this show every night of the year

Snow on Lanyon Quoit

Snow on Lanyon Quoit

It’s supposed to be getting cold over the next day or 2 so I thought I’d dig out a photo of when it was really cold a few years back. Whilst it might look like a light sprinkling of snow to some of you this is West Cornwall where it snows about as often as in Jamaica. Well, OK maybe a little more, but not very often.

I had a fantastic time this day. Whilst the whole of Cornwall was paralysed I took the opportunity to jump in the car and take some photos. I was driving up lanes where the snow was fresh. It was amazing just being able to park the car in the middle of the road and get out!

Anyway, this is Lanyon Quoit near Penzance. It’s one of the region’s best known megalithic sites and is highly photogenic. In the background is the engine house at Bosilicack – I’m sure there’s some juxtaposition of ancient and, erm, quite old going on here…

Godolphin House

Godolphin House in Black and White

On a recent visit to the National Trust’s Godolphin House in Cornwall the weather was very grey, there were lots of other people around and I had 2 kids under the age of 7 in my sole charge – ideal for taking photos then! I decided to try and pick out some nice details from this lovely old house and as the weather was so poor I thought I’d do them in black and white.

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Jubilee Pool, Penzance

Jubilee Pool in Winter

This is Penzance’s art deco Jubilee Pool, the largest outdoor lido in the UK. It was built back in the 1930s to celebrate King George V’s Silver Jubilee (I think!).

Over the years the pool has fall in an out of repair with periods in the 1990s when it was closed. Given the pools iconic value and importance to the town of Penzance this seems unimaginable.

This is a seawater pool with the sea just over the wall. And like the sea it has many moods. The water can be crystalline turquoise on a summer’s day or on days like this the pool can have a very different feel. For this reason, although there are no shortage of photos of the Jubilee Pool there is still scope for a few more.