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Penzance lighthouse and St Michael's Mount

A bit of plagiarism…

This is the view out over Penzance’s outer harbour, past the lighthouse and on to St Michael’s Mount in the distance. It was taken with my 400mm lens which has the effect of making everything seem a little closer together. The Mount is in fact about 3 miles beyond the end of the pier.

Whilst I’ll happily take the credit for the execution of this photo I’ll also happily confess to ‘borrowing’ the idea from fellow photographer Mike Newman, whose shot was used on the cover of Cornwall Today. I like to think using another photographer’s ideas is a long way removed from using another photographer’s photos – it is in the eyes of the law I suppose. I took the photo as I really liked the original, I suppose this is the same motivation that has driven people to copy artworks throughout history. That and I just like taking photos…

St Ives Pier

St Ives Pier (Moody?!)

This is one of Smeaton’s Pier in St Ives. I think I saw it was sunny so jumped in the car and raced over to St Ives. Needless to say it rained at some point and there were more clouds than blue sky by the time I got there. But I suppose if it had stayed sunny all my photos would have been the same, perfect sunny, turquoise water harbour shots that, well actually I still can’t get enough of!

I like to think this photo is a little atmospheric or moody. Don’t tell me if it isn’t as I’ve always fancied having one or two moody photos to my name.

Anyway, at the end of the day I went to St Ives, took a photo I like and didn’t get a parking ticket. That’s a success in my books…