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Penzance lighthouse and St Michael's Mount

A bit of plagiarism…

This is the view out over Penzance’s outer harbour, past the lighthouse and on to St Michael’s Mount in the distance. It was taken with my 400mm lens which has the effect of making everything seem a little closer together. The Mount is in fact about 3 miles beyond the end of the pier.

Whilst I’ll happily take the credit for the execution of this photo I’ll also happily confess to ‘borrowing’ the idea from fellow photographer Mike Newman, whose shot was used on the cover of Cornwall Today. I like to think using another photographer’s ideas is a long way removed from using another photographer’s photos – it is in the eyes of the law I suppose. I took the photo as I really liked the original, I suppose this is the same motivation that has driven people to copy artworks throughout history. That and I just like taking photos…

St Michael's Mount at dusk

St Michael’s Mount – again…

Yes, I know it isn’t the most original subject in the world, and yes, I know there are many better photos of St Michael’s Mount out there. Unfortunately I didn’t take them so we’ll be making do wit this one!

Whilst St Michael’s Mount has been photographed to death over the years being the obvious target that it is. Sitting about half a mile off Maarzion in Mount’s Bay it’s an island with a castle on – how can anyone not want to take a photo of that?!

Over the years I have actually realised it is a difficult place to photograph. Its worst side is from the beach at Marazion – so that’s about 95% of all the photos ever taken of it! There are a good few shots to be had from this side including a few with the cobbled causeway in the foreground.
The best angle to photograph the mount from is to the east of Marazion, high up on a sunny, high tide or down at sea level. There may be good angles from the sea, but as I don’t have a boat I’ll ignore them!

I took this photo the first day I had a new camera so was feeling a bit keener about lugging around a tripod and taking photos at what should have been tea time.
Anyway, I think I got a half decent photograph of the Mount and one that hasn’t been replicated too many 100s of times.