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Sunset over Isles of Scilly

Scillies Sunset

On one level I’m not sure the world needs another sunset photo, on the other hand I do like a good sunset! What qualifies as a good sunset isn’t so straightforward. This one actually just fizzled out without turning the world orange. But then those are the ones that I’ve seen too many of – not that that isn’t exactly what I set off to photograph!

Anyway, here we are. A beautiful summer’s evening sky over Blanket Bay on the island of St Agnes in the Isles of Scilly. Beyond those rocks in the distance is America, give or take a few thousand miles…

Shoreline sunset

Shoreline Sunset

Been a while since I posted anything. Feel like I’ve been busy, but I can’t quite account for my time!

This shot was taken at the end of summer a few years back. I can’t remember where – it was either Gwenver beach or Praa Sands. I took a whole series of photos of sun reflected off sand, sun reflected off waves, sun reflected off foam… that sort of thing.

Sennen Beach

Whitesands Beach – Sennen Cove

The beach at Sennen Cove is one of my nearest and dearest. I spent a fair few summers hanging out here. As you can see it’s quite a big beach, although this is low tide and it does shrink back at high. It’s also a beach of moods, in the summer it’s often calm like here but with Land’s End just over the headland it faces into the full force of the Atlantic. I’ve seen a couple of storms here with spray from the waves going over the top of that headland (Pedn-men-du).

I don’t remember exactly when I took this photo but I’m guessing from the fact that there are a few people in the water, it isn’t that busy on the beach and I don’t get up that early that it must be around late May / early June – my favourite time of year.

Gwenver and Sennen beaches

Cornish Summer in Black and White

This shot is the view from the top of the cliff between Sennen beach and neighbouring Gwenver beach. It is actually part of a 360 degree panoramic shot but it has been cropped a little. It was taken on a summer’s afternoon when we went to have a look at the surf, I can’t remember if I went in or not.

And for those who prefer technicolor,,,Gwenver / Sennen beach

West Cornwall Moors

Carn Kenidjack – West Cornwall Moors

When people think of moorland they often assume it is bland, desolate and featureless. I disagree. There are plenty of features on the West Cornwall moors, let alone the stunning range of colours that come with summer.

This is one of my favourite spots in this area, Carn Kenidjack. It is a weird, naturally formed stack of rocks jutting out of the moorland between Penzance and St Just. Apparently it isn’t just me who’s taken an interest in this spot over the years; there are several megalithic sites around here and lots of local legends surrounding the rock.

This photo was taken on the sort of summer day that I think of when I think summer – strange, because they are pretty few and far between. It was also one of my first shots with a polarising filter. Here it really makes those clouds stand out.

St Ives montbretia

St Ives Summer Montbretia

This view is from somewhere above Porthminster beach in St Ives. The flowers are montbretia (or Crocosmia to give them their proper name) and they flower in mid to late summer. The orange bloom really contrasts the brilliant blue of St Ives bay, a feature that has drawn artists here for many years.

In the background is the harbour and “Island” which, of course, isn’t an island. You can just about make out the diminutive St Nicholas’ Chapel sitting on top of the island