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Sunset over Isles of Scilly

Scillies Sunset

On one level I’m not sure the world needs another sunset photo, on the other hand I do like a good sunset! What qualifies as a good sunset isn’t so straightforward. This one actually just fizzled out without turning the world orange. But then those are the ones that I’ve seen too many of – not that that isn’t exactly what I set off to photograph!

Anyway, here we are. A beautiful summer’s evening sky over Blanket Bay on the island of St Agnes in the Isles of Scilly. Beyond those rocks in the distance is America, give or take a few thousand miles…

Sennen harbour boats

Sennen Harbour

Evening in the small harbour at Sennen Cove in the far, far west of Cornwall. Around the corner is Land’s End and the next stop is the USA.

Whilst Sennen is best known for its mile or so of beautiful beach which has been a magnet for surfers over the last 4 decades, the cove’s history is one of fishing and smuggling. It takes a fairly brave soul to work the seas around the coast here and just behind the harbour is the RNLI lifeboat house crewed by some of the bravest of the brave. The coast around here is notorious for shipwrecks and these guys are in the frontline when it comes to saving lives.

The boat numbers are an interesting mix of PZ (Penzance) and SS (St Ives). I suppose if you follow the coast around Sennen is about half way between the two towns.

Shoreline sunset

Shoreline Sunset

Been a while since I posted anything. Feel like I’ve been busy, but I can’t quite account for my time!

This shot was taken at the end of summer a few years back. I can’t remember where – it was either Gwenver beach or Praa Sands. I took a whole series of photos of sun reflected off sand, sun reflected off waves, sun reflected off foam… that sort of thing.

sunset rock pool

Sunset / rock pool / somewhere

I can’t actually remember where I took this. I have an idea it was around St Just way in the far West of Cornwall. In fact the more I look at the rocks the more I think it was.

I took this photo ages ago and decided not to use it. Whilst I might have done it differently now I still quite like it and it sort of sums up wintry sunsets in Cornwall. I’d like to make up a story about how I got this photo but I can’t honestly remember. I’m sure it involved scaling treacherous cliffs one handed with a tripod in the other though – that sort of thing!

St Michael's Mount at dusk

St Michael’s Mount – again…

Yes, I know it isn’t the most original subject in the world, and yes, I know there are many better photos of St Michael’s Mount out there. Unfortunately I didn’t take them so we’ll be making do wit this one!

Whilst St Michael’s Mount has been photographed to death over the years being the obvious target that it is. Sitting about half a mile off Maarzion in Mount’s Bay it’s an island with a castle on – how can anyone not want to take a photo of that?!

Over the years I have actually realised it is a difficult place to photograph. Its worst side is from the beach at Marazion – so that’s about 95% of all the photos ever taken of it! There are a good few shots to be had from this side including a few with the cobbled causeway in the foreground.
The best angle to photograph the mount from is to the east of Marazion, high up on a sunny, high tide or down at sea level. There may be good angles from the sea, but as I don’t have a boat I’ll ignore them!

I took this photo the first day I had a new camera so was feeling a bit keener about lugging around a tripod and taking photos at what should have been tea time.
Anyway, I think I got a half decent photograph of the Mount and one that hasn’t been replicated too many 100s of times.