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porthleven big surf

Surf power

This is one from a while back. Taken at (or near) Cornwall’s best known reef-break, Porthleven. It was pretty big that day, but it’s as much about the power as the size of the wave – check out the mountain of white water exploding behind. This is local legend Daniel ‘Mole’ Joel looking fairly comfortable at the bottom of this beast. A few seconds later he pulled into the tube (if that makes sense to anyone?!)

I think the levels on this photo are a little too blue but I’m too lazy to dig out the original file and try and do a better job. Hopefully the epic wave will distract from the second rate editing…

Cornish Beach Sunset

Praa Sands Sunset

I thought it was about time for a sunset. This one was taken at Hendra, which is the far end of Praa Sands beach on the south Cornish coast. I do like sunsets but I’ve come to realise no one is interested unless there is something in the sunset. This is a real shame, if like me, you would love to be able to just poke the camera out of an upstairs window and snap away.

Anyway, this photo has a rockpool and some surfers bobbing around so hopefully that will keep all the haters happy!